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  • ✔ Er. R. K. Singh ( Managing Director )
  • ✔ Er. G.K. Lakhachaura ( Director )
  • ✔ Er. D.B.S. Chauhan ( Secretary )

Greenway Energys ( GE ) runs and administered under the aegis of Maa Vaishnavi Trust. We provides the affordable services to our customers as required. We work on turn key basis on proposals/tenders floated by the government. From using thin film to multi crystalline technologies, fixed tilt structures to single axis trackers,self-procurement,etc.,the capabilities have grown to an extent that we are capable to execute completed Engineering procurement and construction work for all our projects magnificently.

We have lowered our cost of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy. This allows us to deliver cost-effective energy for our customers. Our in-house EPC expertise lowers system costs and our advanced in-house operations and maintenance capability allows us to increase power yields and monitor project performance near real-time. Coupled with our efficient financial strategy. We believe that we are able to offer-cost solar power solutions at high efficient yields.

GreenWay Energys

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We are strongly committed to play our role in creating a better and brighter tomorrow by

Let's face it, we are using non-renewable fuel and other non-renewable energy sources much faster than it can replenish itself. As a result, the world is not having enough non-renewable sources. The sun, on the other hand, stands out daily. Research shows that a 1kW solar power system helps you to save 77 kg of non-renewable fuel from being burnt off, 397 liters of water from being absorbed and 136 kg of Co2 from being released into the weather.

  • ✔ Flexible Cost-Effective Solutions
  • ✔ Produce Innovative Design Futuristic Blades
  • ✔ We Tailored For Specific Client’s Needs
  • ✔ Ensure customer satisfaction through proactive support
  • ✔ Facilitate one-on-one discussions to work out the best solution
  • ✔ Offer expert advice in fast changing technological environment
  • ✔ Provide customized end-to-end solutions for client’s requirement
  • ✔ Provide remote monitoring solutions & prompt maintenance
our Mission

our Mission

Our mission is to be the lowest-cost power producer in the world. We sell solar power in India on long-term fixed price contracts to our customers, at prices which in many cases are at or below prevailing alternatives for these customers. Since inception, we have achieved a substantial reduction in total solar project cost, which includes a significant decrease in balance of systems costs due in part to our value engineering, design and procurement efforts.


We partner with local communities when we embark on a new project. We hire from local communities and generally lease land that has few alternative uses, providing local communities with a stream of discretionary cash flow without displacing alternative businesses. As a result we are able to build long term community relationships, which allows us to improve our time of completion. Economic development also drives local power demand.
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